I just bought a food torch, and I'm pretty excited about it. Do people have interesting recipes or ideas about how to use it?

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pierino February 6, 2012
What I use my torch for most frequently is French onion soup. The classic method is not a giant glop of melted cheese on the bowl it's grated gruyere over a toasted crouton. Use the torch to melt a generous amount of cheese on each crouton and place one on each bowl.
amysarah February 6, 2012
I've used a torch on a tart, to darken some of the fruit slice edges (apple, pear.) Looks a bit rustic and adds a little burnt/caramelized flavor. Also, oatmeal - with raisins or other chopped fruit, and/or cinnamon, etc. - is great with a brulee'd crust. Likewise, rice pudding - flavored with a little orange rind, slivered almonds and vanilla, or whatever flavors you prefer - is delicious with a brulee'd top. (And writing this may finally inspire me to replace the butane cartridge, that's been dead for over a year!)
susan G. February 5, 2012
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Sam1148 February 5, 2012
Cut a banana into large scallop sized slices cut on the bias and dip the top in sugar.
Then melt the sugar until bubbly like a creme brulee and hardens into a nice crackling shell when cooled. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Dress it up with some raspberry jam, or drizzle of Caramel or Chocolate syrup and a few berries on the dish.
Mr_Vittles February 5, 2012
Obvious answer is creme brulee. Its a classic for a reason. Other uses are to crisp up fish skin. To get some crunchy bits on a prime rib. To toast meringues.
sarah K. February 5, 2012
There was an article about molecular gastronomy in the NY Times last week that had a method of preparing salmon in a water bath. It could use searing with the torch instead of the pan, and you could certainly use any sauce, or no sauce, with salmon cooked this way. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/18/dining/hazelnut-and-coriander-spiced-sous-vide-salmon-recipe.html?_r=1&ref=dining

I read a blog whose author has a sous vide, and she's always torching lovely steaks and fishes for the final touch. I believe she buys prepared duck confit, warms it up, then torches that, too.
MrJDanger February 5, 2012
It's beautiful to finish a sous vide fish or stake
SKK February 5, 2012
Blister/roast peppers with it. This idea comes from Droplet who uses her brulee torch on her peppers.
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