What is ea in some recipes theay say sugar 1 ea


Ingredients Amounts

Onions, red 2 ea.

Chiles, green 4 ea.

Ginger, fresh, 1 inch piece 1 ea.

Tomato 2 ea.



Nelli K. September 20, 2017
By my understanding it stands for each as in if the recipe is for 4 person/serving you have to use 2 pieces of tomato for each servings.
I may be completely wrong as my native language is not english, but in my language and concept of cooking it means that.
MarcusV February 6, 2012
Does the "each" mean "each single recipe"?
susan G. February 6, 2012
Each, meaning a piece, a single thing. For sugar, could it mean a cube?
pierino February 6, 2012
Sometimes recipes are just flat out badly written.
jmburns February 6, 2012
EA is each but I do not understand 1 ea for sugar. What cookbook did it come from?
creamtea February 6, 2012
ea. = each
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