How do you cook cranberry beans

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elena A. April 6, 2012
i agree with the ladies above, always soak pulses and cook then rapidly for the first 10 minutes, that removes the gas and avoids stomach upset.
And we in Cyprus always add towards the end of cooking carrots and calery, and lemon and olive oil to serve.
leftovers next day, you fry chopped onion in olive oil add a tin of tomatoes, till liquid evaporates, add 1 tsp of sugar, S/P and stir in kidney beans, simmer for 15 mins and its delicious. you can do the same with black eyed beans too. hope you enjoy, Elena
latoscana February 9, 2012
Check out the Rancho Gordo website - it's all about beans! Here is his basic recipe:
susan G. February 8, 2012
Cooking dried beans is just about the same for any variety. Check for rocks or debris, rinse and drain. Put in a bowl, add about twice as much water as beans -- then either leave to soak overnight; or put in a pot on the stove, heat to boiling, after about 2 minutes leave to soak for about 2 hours. Drain off the soaking water, add 2.5 cups water per cup of dry beans to cook. Bring to a boil, leave at a simmer covered until the beans are very soft all the way through. That's variable according to type and age of beans. Don't salt until they are finished cooking.
Kidney beans (I just learned from Hotline) need a 15 minute boil -- so do that before soaking. I think cranberry beans also need that step.
susan G. February 8, 2012
Here's the info -- and it's a 10 minute boil.
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