What can I do with tinned Artichokes?

Can I heat them? Do they accompany something special? Or not?

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Sam1148 February 8, 2012
My mind moved the question about asparagus up to this thread. nevermind.
Sam1148 February 8, 2012
A quick and easy one is Asparagus soup. Blend a can of chicken broth with the asparagus until smooth. Heat, adjust seasoning with salt/pepper. Finish with a touch of creme or milk. Serve with a dollop of soup cream on top and some cracked pepper, and a nice salad and some bread and butter on the side.
ChefJune February 8, 2012
All of the above! In my "Party Menu Repertoire" is a lovely salad of brown rice, garbanzoes, canned or jarred artichokes. Lump crabmeat or tiny pink Maine shrimp are optional. The oil the artichokes are packed in are part of the vinaigrette that dresses this salad.
Ophelia February 8, 2012
I use them as a topping for pizza sometimes, add them to almost any pasta sauce and make an excellent cold artichoke dip containing mayonnaise, lemon juice and garlic ground in the blender until smooth with the artichokes.
Rachel S. February 8, 2012
A frittata with roasted red peppers. You can also use them in pasta. There are a multitude of recipes online for pasta.
aargersi February 8, 2012

CarlaCooks February 8, 2012
I've made this lovely dip a few times using regular (non-marinated) tinned artichokes: http://food52.com/recipes/4400_artichoke_dip_which_you_could_make_into_tapenade_by_adding_capers. I most recently served it with these pita chips: http://food52.com/recipes/256_rosemary_thyme_pita_chips.
ellenl February 8, 2012
The recipe doesn't show up if you search for it by name (with all orders of ingredients)---does show up if search "bruschetta" and click through all the pages.
ellenl February 8, 2012
There's a recipe on this site for bruschetta with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and parsely that I love and make alot.
angiegeyser February 7, 2012
Mmm the answer above sounds delicious! I will be making that :)

Deb from Smitten Kitchen has a great recipe called "pasta for lovers" that she did for Bon Appetit. The recipe calls for frozen artichoke hearts but I have made it with canned artichokes with good results. Here's the link:


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dymnyno February 7, 2012
One of my all time favorite and easy appetizers is bottled or canned artichokes that are drained and chopped, then mixed with chopped up fresh mint leaves and spritzed with a little lemon juice and served on crostini.
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