What is difference between springform pan and cake pan with removable bottom?

Any particular one better for cheesecake, any one more versatile?

  • Posted by: Princey
  • February 8, 2012


miranda.mal February 8, 2012
That depends. Some of the best recipes call for baking cheesecake in a custard bath, in which case you would skip the springform and go for a regular high-sided pan, greased and lined with strips of parchment. See Alton Brown's sour cream cheesecake recipe on the Food Network site for example.
amysarah February 9, 2012
I use a springform, even with a water bath. I just tightly wrap the outside in a big piece of foil - as long as the water bath only comes about half way up the pan, it works fine.
jmburns February 8, 2012
I use springform pans for my cheesecake. It gives me the vertical sides I want on a cheesecake
pierino February 8, 2012
A spring formpan has a clamp on the outside to release the contents. An idea I stole from one of my chef friends is to use a springform when making a Spanish tortilla. When it's cooked through you can release the tortilla and slice it into wedges.
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