Springform pan problems!

About to make a 9" cheesecake recipe and realize that the bottom is missing. Luckily I have a 10", but what modifications to I need to make? I figure more ingredients in the crust and keeping an eye on the cooking time. Is that it? I don't mind having a flatter cheesecake. Thank you so much



boulangere December 19, 2013
No, you don't need to change the amount of filling, but be aware that its level will be thinner, so you baking time will be a bit less. Set the timer for 10 minutes less, and add minutes as needed.
Monita December 19, 2013
You're right - Increase the crust ingredients by half (just to be sure) but then you don't need to change the filling amts. And keep an eye on the time. Probably won;t change it that much
Gina55164 December 19, 2013
That is so helpful! I appreciate it.
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