Meyer lemon cheesecake crust sticking to pan

Directions state prepare springform bottom and make crust- I had difficulty in keeping crust with cheesecake when serving. I did butter bottom and side of pan. What could I do to make it come out in one piece. I want to make this dessert in two days for book club since it is very delicious. Thanks.

  • Posted by: mks2643
  • February 16, 2014


boulangere February 17, 2014
If you add an extra ounce of melted butter to your crust mixture, it will do better at sticking together, not to the bottom of the pan.
nancy E. February 16, 2014
Don't forget to butter underneath and the surface of the parchment disc.
mickle February 16, 2014
In addition to parchment, be sure your crust has enough moisture in it to hold together and press down moderately on the crust across the springform before adding the filling
aargersi February 16, 2014
I would put a round of parchment in next time - guaranteed easy release!
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