Winter time pies other than apple?



drbabs February 10, 2012
gary12401 February 10, 2012
For me winter is time for cream pies, chocolate or banana or for a lemon meringue pie. If you see key limes, make a key lime pie.
SKK February 10, 2012
Pumpkin pie
And use pureed butternut squash - much richer in taste than pumpkins,
susan G. February 10, 2012
Pears are wonderful! This recipe of mine was part of a contest with a pear theme, and there are many other excellent choices --
(I've moved to a pastry crust when I make it now. it's the custard that makes it so good, crust optional.)
Another contest was specifically for winter tarts --
Good selection of citrus, nuts...
Kristy M. February 9, 2012
This Kumquat Shaker Pie is perfectly seasonal:
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