Does anyone have any good winter squash recipes??

  • Posted by: suann47
  • October 19, 2010


testkitchenette October 19, 2010
I make a butternut squash coconut curry (here on Food52) that I love and also make butternut squash "fries" in the making baked French fries. You could also sub squash for pumpkin in a pie!
AntoniaJames October 19, 2010
In addition to the links for recipes in my other foodpickle answers, I'd love to suggest that roasted winter squash, lightly crushed with a potato masher, into which you've stirred a small spoonful of creme fraiche per serving, or a touch of butter, topped with a tiny pinch of coarse sea salt, is simply divine. Just let the gorgeous flavor of the squash speak for itself! Add a spoonful of maple syrup and a dash of mace or cinnamon, and you've got dessert! I love the stuff. (Can you tell?!) ;o)
drbabs October 19, 2010
Hi suann47. Winters squash of all stripes has been a hot topic here on foodpickle. Here are all the questions and their answers over the past two weeks or so. Have fun!
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