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Is it possible to make risotto ahead of time and still have a creamy firm texture? I want to make it for a dinner party tomorrow.

asked by cini63 over 4 years ago
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This past hotline question may be helpful:

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Have not read the article, but a day ahead is way too much. While you can do as some restaurants do, it really is advisable to make the dish as close to serving time as possible. Besides, what's 30 minutes. Most guests will be hovering in the kitchen anyway

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If you absolutely have to make it so far ahead, I'd recommend you choose a different type of rice dish. Pilau is much more forgiving than risotto, and doesn't mind being reheated.

Imho most of the "risottos" served in restaurants are not real risottos, because making this dish ahead always makes it fall short of the sublime experience one expects when thinking of "Risotto."