I'm trying to make bread but it is always to heavy and moist

  • Posted by: waxy
  • November 15, 2010


waxy November 16, 2010
will try all these ways thank you
Lehnhoca November 15, 2010
I use bread flour, that way the gluten develops while you are beating it in the bowl, vs struggling with it while you knead it. Beat the batter in the bowl as much as you can, you will see the batter start to sheet. I try to keep the dough more like a batter than a dough. I think that most people add too much flour when they knead it. I think flours today don't require the kneading that they used to, especially when you use bread flour.
campagnes November 15, 2010
ooh, agreed.. that no-knead bread is great.
nutcakes November 15, 2010
Too moist indicates that you didn't cook it long enough. Or possibly that you aren't letting it cool before slicing it. So cook it a little longer next time. You are supposed to be able to tap it and it should sound hollow. To check if done, you can insert an instant read thermometer in it and you want the temp to be 200-210F.

If you haven't, try the no knead bread as popularized in the NY Times. It is very good and forgiving.
campagnes November 15, 2010
Is it possible that you're not letting your bread rise enough? A trick to use: If you think your bread dough might be finished rising, use a fingertip to make a small dent in the dough. If the dent remains, the dough has risen enough.

Also, be sure to remove your finished bread from the pan immediately and let it cool completely, uncovered, on a wire rack.

Hope this helps!
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