Can I pre make my meatballs (keep in fridge for a while before browning)?

I have a moist meatball recipe I use, and have always made them just before browning, and putting in to y sauce.

Does anyone know if I can make my meatballs beforehand, in the fridge for a short while, and then use - and will they still remain moist?

BTW My moisture comes from an egg, and white bread soaked in grated onion - will they still be moist if left in fridge and browned later, before adding to sauce? I also have parmesan, herbs, and salt. I am told salt draws out moisture, that's why I am asking?

  • Posted by: umran
  • February 4, 2022


marianne February 5, 2022
To clarify my answer, I mean I like to form the meatballs the day before, chill, them cook the next day. Sorry that was not clear.
umran February 5, 2022
Thanks so much for that.
I would love to do that, save so much hassle!
Do they still stay moist and soft when you eventually brown them and cook them in the sauce? That's my concern - keeping them moist and soft.
marianne February 5, 2022
Not to worry, they stay perfectly moist and delicious! In my opinion, it just makes browning them easier because they are less likely to break apart. They dont “dry out” in the fridge, more like they “set”. I’m sure once you do it this way, it will be your go-to method!
umran February 6, 2022
Wonderful! Thanks so much Marianne, I will try it out on Friday - spaghetti polpetti day! I have a menu I make for my boys for supper every weekday after school. This will now allow me to make the sauce, and prep the meatballs in the day inbetween work calls. Save them waiting ages when they are hungry. You are a super star! 🙌🏼
marianne February 6, 2022
That sounds awesome! Good luck. Hope this simplifies your life.
marianne February 5, 2022
That’s the only way I ever do it. It helps them stay together better. My preference is to make them the day before, and that makes them a good dish for company.
drbabs February 5, 2022
Do you mean later the same day, or like the next day? Yes, that should be fine. Some recipes actually have you do that so that the flavors can meld a bit.
umran February 5, 2022
Thanks very much for that - actually both! So that's perfect.
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