Looking for a great new York style pizza crust recipe . The thin foldable and crusty on the outside kind

  • Posted by: brax
  • February 12, 2012


Raquelita July 30, 2012
This has a lot of great information on dough differences, and links to other food science experiments they've done to come up with awesome pizzas in a home kitchen setting: http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2012/07/the-pizza-lab-three-doughs-to-know.html
jrpizza July 30, 2012
ILForno baking book by Franco Galli has the best dough recipe I have used. I put firebricks on the bottom rack of my oven and turn it to 500 degrees for an hour. You can get firebricks at a building supply yard for about $1 each.
Mr_Vittles February 12, 2012
There will not be a recipe per se that gives you a NYC-style crust. It will be the cooking and preparation, as NeuB says. A hot surface and oven will help. A stone or cast iron skillet will work great. Make sure to get the dough spread out as thin as possible. This is essential, as most NYC pizza has some good tip sag. Use low-moisture mozzarella, and lightly seasoned sauce. Experiment!
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