i am out of eggs while making crepes, what can i do for a substitute??



Sam1148 February 12, 2012
I agree with all the above. However, injera bread could work. An Ethiopian bread that's thin and crepe like.
Bascially flour/water/salt..at it's simplest. But use beer or soda water instead of water and a touch of yeast and let it set an hour before frying like a crepe. Very thin batter, cook in the pan, almost like a rice wrapper texture.

That description certainly is not authentic...but can 'probably do' in pinch.

susan G. February 12, 2012
An eggless crepe would be something like a wonton or dumpling wrapper -- or pasta.
Mr_Vittles February 12, 2012
While I agree, that nothing can really substitute eggs, A bit of corn starch may thicken it in a pinch. The problem being, of course, the starch won't taste anything like eggs.
KimW February 12, 2012
Sorry. There is no substitute for eggs.

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JessicaBakes February 12, 2012
Someone else may disagree, but I think eggs are critical to creeps. I recommend you run out to the corner store and grab another dozen. It'll take the same amount of time as figuring out a substitute :)
amysarah February 12, 2012
I have to agree - eggs are critical to crepes ('creeps,' I'm not sure about. ;-)
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