Can I make truffles with 85% chocolate instead of regular bittersweet?

My plan is to heat the cream with blackstrap molasses and pour over the chocolate with some vanilla and cinnamon. I had a truffle like this recently at a chocolate shop and it was heavenly. I want try to recreate it at home. i've never made truffles with anything other than 60% chocolate.

Stephanie G


Stephanie G. February 13, 2012
Awesome....I love dark chocolate. I might add a little sweetner...what do you recommend?
babytiger February 13, 2012
It'll just depends on your taste. If you enjoy really dark chocolates, you may really like it. It will be different than the ones you made with 60% chocolate. If you haven't, taste the 85% and compare that to what you usually use. Adjust your ingredients accordingly after.
bigpan February 12, 2012
You will be pleased with the 85. Although you might want to add a tiny bit of sweet to it. Sounds like a nice recipe.
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