Molten Dessert Fillings- Ideas or Recipes?

I am new to 52 and one of the things that excites me most is that this community has so many
very talented chefs. Not infrequently, I will begin reading a recipe, my eyes descending the ingredients. Silently, i am saying "yeah, yeah, yeah..... as expected... seen before" and then "yeah, yea-- Woooooooah! what was THAT?!!" something completely off the grid- an ingredient, a technique, a presentation, that is major outside the box. And , after so many years in the world of cooking, it is this surprise and delight that are the thing that I realize I rarely see, but that I DO see here at 52! What a delight! How exciting!

So youall are inspiring me to think about surprises in foods. And right now I am thinking about sweet surprises- an unexpected flavor, texture, assembly, filling. Today I am specifically thinking about molten fillings; warm and creamy sweet fillings discovered in an unexpected place . Sure, lava cakes are an example of what I'm describing, but that's been beaten to death. Have any of you created or seen recipes for 'molten' fillings that I could reference in my quest to explore new creative paths? (For instance, I'm guessing that for a molten filling to be used in a baked item, pre-freezing may be involved, and a particular balance of ingredients will be required for the filling to endure the baking process and emerge liquidy after it.) Ingredients and procedures for one recipe can be used as a template to create other recipes. Anyone want to play? Any help is much appreciated!

LeBec Fin
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1 Comment

Mr_Vittles February 14, 2012
Raspberry or Bing Cherry just sounds delicious. Maybe even some of the other bramble fruits, like blackberries.
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