Cauliflower gone bad? I've had a head of cauliflower in the frig for maybe 3-4 weeks . It's firm and not slimy. Is it any good?



david_brownless February 20, 2012
The only problem it will of lost a lot of nutrients

mainecook61 February 19, 2012
The brassicas are a hardy lot. I'm still eating cabbages picked last November and stored in a cold shed. Brussels sprouts keep for weeks. This group of vegetables does very well in cold storage, aka your refrigerator.
SKK February 19, 2012
If it doesn't have mold on the inside and not a lot of brown spots you are probably good to go. Cut it open and taste it and you will know.
jmburns February 19, 2012
Should be as long as it is firm and does not smell.
Sam1148 February 19, 2012
It should be okay. If it doesn't have mold and is firm.
I'd break it up..and give it a long soak in a big bowl of water with some white vinegar to help refresh it.
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