How do I make tasty squares of tofu?

I like them on the WF hot bar, but don't have a clue how to do it myself. What type of tofu? Do I marinate? I'd like a low-calorie, tasty, quick way to prepare chunks to snack on or throw on a salad. Actually, any simple recipe for tofu would be appreciated. I'm done with buying it and looking at it until it goes bad...

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healthierkitchen September 12, 2012
Not exactly squares, but...they sound delicious:
healthierkitchen September 12, 2012
Not exactly squares, but...they sound delicious:
Quinciferous September 12, 2012
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FunkyLady September 12, 2012
Slice into half inch pieces and press between towels to remove excess moisture then marinate with your favorite marinade. I typically use the one that the whole foods mentioned but have also used my buffalo wing sauce. Then I bake on a cookie sheet at 425 for about 30 min or when they become golden brown, flipping once halfway through. Comes out great, good texture, low fat.
FunkyLady September 12, 2012
I forgot to mention, make sure you grease the cookie sheet well.
Hagerty September 12, 2012
cut into 1/2 inch pieces on any shape (i do triangles), dredge in japanese rice flour, then deep fry. Serve with sweet chili sauce. so good
I take firm or extra-firm, slice it, place it on a plate between layers of paper towel, place another plate on top, then put a 2 lb weight on it (a large can of tomatoes does well). Let it stand for an hour or so to extract the water, then slide the slices into a marinade of soy sauce, hot sauce, honey and sesame oil for another hour or so; the tofu will soak up the marinade and be tasty. I pat them dry, dip them in cornstarch and fry until golden brown.
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