I was wondering if I could substitute buttermilk for the whole milk in the recipe? Thanks!

David Eyre's Pancake
Recipe question for: David Eyre's Pancake


BavarianCook February 21, 2012
I always make my baked German pancakes with buttermilk and love how they turn out.
Amanda H. February 20, 2012
I haven't tried it but I definitely would -- could be a great new version. Let us know how it turns out!
withinseason February 20, 2012
buttermilk sometimes acts as a rising agent in a recipe. so, if you leave the buttermilk out, the final product might not be as light. but! there are some good subs out there! do you have white vinegar or lemon juice around? a dash of vinegar or lemon juice (1 tbsp to a scant cup of milk) is a good workaround when you don't have buttermilk. unless, of course, it's that you don't like buttermilk and were looking forward to a milkier/sweeter version!
withinseason February 21, 2012
whoops read that backwards!
rosalind5 February 20, 2012
I say go for it! But then my preference is always for buttermilk pancakes.
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