What is the easiest slow cooker recipe?



cheater C. November 15, 2010
Cheater bbq--on pork butt, one bottle of liquid smoke, some dry rub. Best bbq ever.
campagnes November 15, 2010
Shredded chicken taco filling: a mixture of 4-5 boneless skinless breasts and thighs, and 1 large jar of salsa. Cook on low for 8 hours, shred the chicken, and stir will to combine. Serve with tortillas/taco shells and toppings.
AntoniaJames November 15, 2010
Ooops, didn't mean to say "ground oregano" there. Meant "dried or fresh oregano." Sorry. ;o)
AntoniaJames November 15, 2010
Cheaters Chili: Open a container of fresh salsa, dump it in the crock pot with a can of black beans, a can of red kidney or white beans, a jar of good tomato sauce, a can of tomato paste and some ground cumin, ground oregano and chili powder. If there's not much salt in the tomato sauce, add some of that, too. Cook on "high" for three hours or "low" for 6-8, stirring occasionally if you can. Serve with grated cheese and tortilla chips. ;o)
monkeymom November 15, 2010
Beef chuck, beef stock, onion, and carrots low for 8 hours. Add potatoes and cook for another hour or until taters are soft. A can of mushroom soup or fresh mushrooms are also good too.
nutcakes November 15, 2010
Need to add that you cook on low 8 to 10 hours.
nutcakes November 15, 2010
I'd say the easest is the classic pot roast with onion soup mix. 4 pounds chuck roast. Salt and pepper it. Place in crock pot (for even better flavor brown it in a skillet first.) Then add: 1 packet dry onion soup mix,1 cup water, 3 chopped carrots, 1 chopped onion, 1 stalk celery chopped. For even easier, leave out the veggies.
v3gas4ce November 15, 2010
Get a piece of Gammon.
A large bottle of Dr.pepper
An onion.
Cut the onion and put it all in the slow cooker for 12 hours.
Cook some seasonal vegetables and serve with the gammon.
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