best food and wine destination

  • Posted by: Magoo
  • February 21, 2012


Bevi February 23, 2012
I had great food and wine in the Tuscan Badlands - south of Siena.
em-i-lis February 23, 2012
We love Sonoma! Ravenous is a fantastic restaurant in the square. Wildwood is another great spot and is out in Graton. Great vineyards, down-to-earth people, less touristy than Napa.
KimW February 22, 2012
Dijon France. Small city with stunning wineries with in minutes. Amazing restaurants in this amazing city. Less expensive then Tuscany/Umbria/Loire/napa. More rustic and charming.
Brette W. February 22, 2012
The Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, or San Sebastian in Spain.
bigpan February 22, 2012
The problem with going to a specific region be it Napa or Tuscany or Bordeaux is the you are limited to that regions wine. Today most big cities have restaurants that offer superb foods from around the world and wine cellars to match. So I would go to the city that offers those qualities rather than one only area. New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Vancouver, London, Paris, Monaco ... take your pick and go to several excellent restaurants with good sommelliers and chefs.
pierino February 22, 2012
Well after Umbria, I'd have to go with my own home county San Luis Obispo, CA. Not just for the renowned wines but for olive oil, cheeses and real butchers. Abalone farms over on the coast and the local catch of the day whatever that happens to be.
Anitalectric February 22, 2012
For me, as a food lover and vegan, Jamaica. Every town has a vegan (Ital) restaurant and every other restaurant has vegan options. For example, our B&B offered scrambled ackees and callaloo (savory tree fruit and greens) for breakfast instead of eggs! So delish.

All the produce is so fresh and flavorful. You can stop at a roadside stand and get all kinds of fruit you have never seen before, or eat a whole avocado with nothing to garnish it. That good.

The one thing I wanted and could not find was a vegan version of jerk. I love BBQ and would totally go out of my way if I knew of a place to get it!

Obviously, I am not much of a wine person. What can I say, when you're there you don't really need to drink alcohol to feel relaxed.
Madame L. February 22, 2012
Without hesitation, I say: NAPA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA - home of some of the finest restaurants in the world ... soul satisfying food and wine, locally grown organic produce in sublime scenery - settings of natural beauty and weather that is generally cool and dry. This is culinary heaven!
Bevi February 23, 2012
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