Question for Wine-os!

In your opinion, What types of Red and White wines do you think would make the best mulled wine (nothing crazy just the traditionally spiced recipes)?

Jennifer W


Exbruxelles November 16, 2017
I agree with ChefJune on mulled white wine: I've never had it and can't imagine it...but good luck if you do. I use either a mid-range pinot noir or a granache for holiday mulled wine and I almost always add brandy.
Nancy November 16, 2017
I'd never heard of white mulled wine before I saw this question, but now I see that there are several recipes around from Germany, Roman times, other places in Europe, American food blogs...using dry or fruity white wine, optional shot of liquor (rum, brandy, fruit brandy) and some spices with a lighter hand than the recipes for red wine variety.
Stephanie B. November 13, 2017
I like to do more mellow, fruity (not sweet) wines for mulling. I risk sounding like a total bumpkin suggesting boxed wine on a food site of all places, but it's my favorite for mulling - I've used Black Box merlot or Big House zinfandel for larger groups. I've never done white mulled wine, but I would tweak the spice mix so it's not so heavily spiced. But again I'd go for something easy-drinking, and not complex to begin with.
ChefJune November 13, 2017
Imho Cabernet Sauvignon is too tannic to make a good mulled wine. I would suggest Beaujolais (NOT Nouveau) or a Grenache/Garnacha based red. Those are light and fruity and lend well to mulled wine.
I really have not seen mulled wine made with white wine, and can't imagine it. But when I'm making Sangria I don't choose Chardonnay, because many of them are oaky, and that doesn't translate well into a fruity mixture. Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Gavi - all are better choices for mixing "stuff" with white wine.
Nancy November 13, 2017
Mulling adds so much flavor that wine taste is almost drowned out.
Get decent dry red or white (your pref) that's on sale.
Then you can control sweetness & not worry about wasting a costly fine wine.
BerryBaby November 13, 2017
Cabernet for red, Chardonnay for white or any wine you enjoy. I'd suggest a slow cooker if making it for a large group.
BerryBaby November 13, 2017
Should have noted I use to use Ina's Mulled Wine recipe which calls for Apple cider and Cabernet. It's lighter on the spices but still very festive.
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