What's the best dish to drink red wine with?



Bonviva November 6, 2010
Amanda Hesser's daube de bouef, adapted from Julia Child. See Amanda's book called 'Cooking for Mr. Latte' for the recipe.
JulieBoulangerie September 29, 2010
Steak frites. But really, anything.
dymnyno September 29, 2010
I like AEC's answer. But seriously, it depends on the red wine. Is it dry, sweet, fruity, high alcohol? With a nice Bordeaux style wine I like to braise meat like shortribs or beef cheeks in the same wine that I will be drinking. I like to drink a Rhone varietal with lamb , like Syrah. The spices and herbs that you cook the meat with will also make a big difference.
AEC September 29, 2010
Other than oatmeal, what ISN'T?
Bevi September 29, 2010
I love a good beef stew or beef burgundy a la Jacques Pepin.
Allie C. September 29, 2010
i'd say something hearty & stew-y, especially as we approach the winter months. maybe osso bucco? or a lamb stew?
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