Is there an adequate substitute for coconut oil? Would Canola work here? Thanks i

caribbean banana lime bread
Recipe question for: caribbean banana lime bread


NakedBeet February 28, 2012
The original recipe asked for 1/2 cup of butter, so yes, you can certainly substitute with a different kind of oil, such as vegetable, grapeseed, or canola. Hope you like it!
ATG117 February 24, 2012
I agree. The coconut oil will add a hint of coconut. You can use another oil seeing that this is a banana bread. I always bake mine using canola oil. BUt since coconut oil s solid at room temp, you can also substitute butter. The textures will be different, but both should work.
NakedBeet February 28, 2012
During the winter months, my coconut oil tends to melt in the kitchen pantry, which is useful for measuring out the amount, but both solid or liquid measurement should work.
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