oiling a new cutting board: coconut oil?

I bought a new wooden carving board; I don't want to use mineral oil. I have coconut, safflower and grapeseed oils; would any of these work? Obviously I don't want anything that will go rancid.

  • Posted by: creamtea
  • November 24, 2014


Brittany M. January 23, 2018
9 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil Daily(3 of these are shocking)
Sherry December 10, 2017
My Biochemistry instructor was also a researcher at UCSD. He shuddered at the thought of mineral oil. He told us explicitly, "Don't use mineral oil for anything. Ever. Don't put it on your skin, oil cutting boards etc. because when we want give the lab animals cancer, we inject them with mineral oil." Personally, I have extrapolated that out to extend as well to petroleum based product.
creamtea December 10, 2017
Thanks, Sherry!
creamtea November 27, 2014
Thanks everyone, I went with walnut oil. Board looks beautiful. In future I may add a beeswax coating.
Susan W. November 27, 2014
Creamtea, the reason I do mineral oil is because it never goes rancid and is not a known allergen. When I had my personal chef biz, I had a few clients with nut allergies. Just make sure you know who you are chopping for. :)

I'll bet it looks so pretty.
inpatskitchen November 26, 2014
A lengthy discussion on Food Pickle a few years back:
cook4you November 26, 2014
I use coconut oil on my Boo's tables.
Yianna November 25, 2014
Coconut oil is perfect for oiling new boards, I always use the refined ones, as dinner at ten does. Unrefined is beautiful but awfully expensive.
SKK November 25, 2014
Coconut oil is beneficial in so many ways. I use it on my wooden carving boards.
dinner A. November 24, 2014
I'm also not excited about spreading a petroleum product on my cooking implements. I've been using a refined coconut oil for my wood boards and utensils and it's worked quite well.

Heidi Swanson also posted instructions for a coconut oil (she used unrefined, so I guess that's ok too) and beeswax mixture for oiling cutting boards and spoons here:
hardlikearmour November 26, 2014
Love this. I've made wood butter with mineral oil and beeswax, but next time I'm making this version.
Susan W. November 24, 2014
Joyce Chen sent me a bottle of food safe mineral oil (don't know if they all are) to use on a bamboo cutting board that I bought from her. I asked my kitchen guru at Sur La Table and she said it's the best oil to use on all cutting boards and wooden spatulas etc. Why don't you want to use mineral oil? My coconut oil is unrefined, but I think I'd use it if I didn't have the mineral oil. I wash my cutting boards a lot and re-oil them every month or so.
Liza's K. November 24, 2014
You can use coconut, almond, or walnut oil. I'd personally go with the coconut (or the mineral oil).
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