Gluten Free Flour in Salt Baked Fish?

Can I substitute gluten free flour for all purpose in a salt-baked fish recipe? Or will this ruin the insulation purpose of the salt-bake? The mixture also includes cornstarch if that applies to this at all.

A Flo
  • Posted by: A Flo
  • October 13, 2022


Nancy October 14, 2022
I'm a bit confused by the question.
I've made fish baked in a salt crust, but it's usually either just a pound or two of salt, maybe with some herbs.
There's also fish baked in a dough crust, maybe with a little bit of salt seasoning.
Is your recipe mostly salt or mostly dough?
Nancy October 14, 2022
I thought about your question some more.
If the recipe mostly uses salt to insulate the fish, then replacing a small amount of regular flour with GF flour probably won't affect the insulating properties much.
I don't have experience with the dough crust method of baking fish, so can't say about that. Maybe others can address that.
A F. October 14, 2022
That was my mistake. It is 2 lbs of salt for a salt crust. So much more salt than flour. With a little water and egg whites mixed in. So in this case, you think the flour wouldn't play too much of a role in the overall mix?
Nancy October 14, 2022
Right… the salt does most or all the work of protecting the fish.
Or you could even find and use a recipe without any flour. If you need or want to cook with GF products.
A F. October 14, 2022
Thank you for the help!
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