Any suggestion for pulled pork in a slow cooker?



bigpan February 26, 2012
Make more than you think you should make !
Hagerty February 26, 2012
Use a pork butt, brown it on a grill then put it in a crock pot with 1 can of cola, 1 onion sliced thin, any other spices or seasonings you so desire and just barely cover with water. Cook time will be a few hours (3-6) depending on the size of your pork and the temp of you pot, but just cook it till it pulls apart easily. Mix in your favorite BBQ sauce at the end, I usually just make a quick sweet sauce for mine. Ciabatta rolls work great as a bun.
hobbybaker February 26, 2012
I'm certainly not an expert on pulled pork, but an Army drill sergeant I know makes the BEST pulled pork ever. He hunts wild hogs, so wild, sweet meat is part of his secret. The other part is cooking the meat in a CrockPot on low heat, bathed in 3 parts apple cider vinegar and one part water, till it falls apart. I wish that I had his sauce recipe, too, but I don't.
jmburns February 26, 2012
Williams Sonoma has a pulled pork recipe used in a crockpot that has apple cider vinegar in it. That might be close to your friends. It is very good.
arielleclementine February 26, 2012
Jenny just wrote about a delicious sounding citrus pulled pork that's cooked in a crock pot:
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