Just made pork shoulder in slow cooker for pulled pork. Should I save the bone for stock?

Lucia from Madison


PHIL August 15, 2016
I am not sure if it is worth the trouble unless you are going to use it soon and roll it over into another recipe.
702551 August 15, 2016
Personally, I wouldn't bother. It won't have any of the highly prized collagen-rich cartilage

There might be a wee bit of flavor left, but I don't care to operate my freezer as a junkyard with marginally useful leftovers like this.

But that's just me...
Susan W. August 14, 2016
Even if the bone was cooked with the pork, I would save it. Any broth or stock you make with it will be light, but toss a few pork neck bones in there and you have the great beginnings of a ramen soup or Pho. There is an amazing soup on this site that you start by making a pork stock. It takes 3 days to make it, but easy stuff and it's well worth the wait. I'll come back and link it after I get home to my tablet. I think it's by Gingerroot and has the word fusion in it, but don't completely trust my memory.
Susan W. August 14, 2016
Here it is.

pierino August 14, 2016
Yes, I should have added that even after the slow cooker treatment there should still be enough protein lurking in the bone to flavor a stock.
Shuna L. August 14, 2016
At this point, there's not much flavor left in the bone. If you know a dog, this is a happy gift for them!
pierino August 14, 2016
If you cooked the pork with the bone removed I would definitely save it. It might come in handy for making red beans and rice.
caninechef August 15, 2016
I am all for feeding bones but raw only, they become brittle when cooked and that is the danger.
Susan W. August 15, 2016
Agree with Caninechef. Only raw bones should be fed to dogs. Cooked bones are what splinter, break and cause issues.
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