My Carob fudge is to soft and sticky, what changes the consistancy, the ingredients or temperature or both?

The recipe said to add milk, I used skim (mistake?). The temperature directions in the recipe said go to 130 and it was too soft, so I made it a 2nd time and went to 140. Did I need to use whole milk or was the temperature still to low?

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1 Comment

petitbleu February 27, 2012
Since you're making fudge, I would recommend using the whole milk. I'm no scientist, but I'll wager that the milk fat does help to thicken the fudge, since whole milk is just plain thicker than skim. I would also recommend that you cook the fudge until it begins to pull away from the sides of the pan and is visibly thick. If this happens at 130, great. If not, keep going. The visual cue can be as important as the given temperature.
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