I need the secret to making a great bacon foam.

Last time I tried to make it, never foamed!

  • Posted by: Meleha
  • March 3, 2012


Amanda H. March 3, 2012
Apologies for the inappropriate answer -- we've deleted it.
bigpan March 3, 2012
Not sure if this will work, but it did for me to make prawn foam.....infuse skim milk (no more than 2%) with bacon until you can taste bacon in the milk. Soak cooked bacon in warm milk until you get the level of taste you want. Then, strain the milk and froth using the steamer on your espresso machine, or the superb foamer that comes with a Nespresso machine. I've heard by adding some lecithin the foam will stablize, but I have not done that.
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