A question about a recipe: Chocolate Thai Green Curry Cake

I have a question about the ingredient "small Thai bird chiles" on the recipe "Chocolate Thai Green Curry Cake" from raspberryeggplant. What are they, and what can substitute?

Chocolate Thai Green Curry Cake
Recipe question for: Chocolate Thai Green Curry Cake


sstiavetti March 5, 2012
They're incredibly hot, tiny chilies that look like a bird's eye. They usually sell them in Asian grocery stores, or in an international supermarket that caters to a series of nationalities. You can also mail order them for cheap, and they stand up to shipping without a problem.
raspberryeggplant March 5, 2012
If you can't find Thai bird chiles, you can use serranos or any other similar small, long, hot peppers (but not habaneros!)

Chile powder is NOT a good substitute - fresh chiles have a very different flavor.
aargersi March 4, 2012
I think a serrano would work - I would look for a fresh substitute though - chili powder is smokier - different sort of flavor
Greenstuff March 4, 2012
Hot little chiles. I'd substitute another hot chile or some chile powder.
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