What sauce should I serve with thai pork burgers, as my sweet chilli sauce didn't work well with them.

Pork burgers made with good quality thai green curry paste and fresh coriander (cilantro). And pork mince.
The sweet chilli sauce was too sweet and ketchup just feels wrong. Can anyone thing of a spicy, savoury sauce that would go well with them?

  • Posted by: Audree
  • March 6, 2011


boulangere March 6, 2011
I want to mix up a batch of this and eat it right now, fiveandspice!
ChefDaddy March 6, 2011
I do the sriracha mayo for burgers with an asian flare. Mainly because my wife loves it. But, so do many others I have served this to at my home.
healthierkitchen March 6, 2011
two other possibilities to try: hoisin sauce, or sriracha mayo (a couple of tablespoons of mayo with sriracha to taste and a drop of sesame oil)
fiveandspice March 6, 2011
One really easy thing to do is to make a Thai flavored aioli by mixing together mayo, minced garlic and Thai curry paste (green or red) to taste. You could also go with tangy lime flavor - mayo or yogurt mixed with garlic, a squirt of lime juice, some lime zest, some minced ginger if you like. Though they aren't in season, you could even mix in some diced cucumbers for a very refreshing sauce. Those are just the thoughts off the top of my head.
Abra B. March 6, 2011
Try a spicy peanut sauce, if the Thai sweet chili sauce didn't work for you.
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