A question about a recipe: Salmon in Sorrel Sauce

I have a question about the ingredient "chervil" on the recipe "Salmon in Sorrel Sauce" from MrsWheelbarrow.
What is Chervil ? Where can I get it..

  • Posted by: kenito
  • March 5, 2012
Salmon in Sorrel Sauce
Recipe question for: Salmon in Sorrel Sauce


pierino March 6, 2012
Just to add to what the others have said, it is a very good fish herb. I'm thinking wild caught salmon or trout and not the farm raised stuff.
ChefJune March 6, 2012
When I can get a big bunch of chervil, I like to make chervil breadcrumbs (keeps well in the freezer door). They make a delicious quickie dinner out of simple white fleshed fish.
mainecook61 March 6, 2012
Easy to grow. I start it inside as it's slow to germinate sometimes. It dislikes very hot weather.
Slow C. March 5, 2012
I totally agree with all of the above, worth growing if you can, I try it every year, sometimes have success, but usually... It is one of the few herbs (along with summer savory, to make my own herbs de provence) that I buy in dried form, I love chervil and it is wonderful to use when cooking rice with stock (use stock instead of water and add a teaspoon or so of dried chervil while it boils).
Greenstuff March 5, 2012
Just a little more chat, more than you might want or need, but I'm huge chervil fan. Chervil is delicate, so it's not so commonly available in the States. But it's worth getting or growing. It is the green in Eel in Green Sauce that's a Belgian classic and can make a beautiful green and tasty soup--such water or broth, butter, a potato, a little leek, and a big bunch of chervil.
MrsWheelbarrow March 5, 2012
What they said. I grow chervil briefly between april and June and again in early fall. It's very bright and green. Parsley is the only substitute and a poor one at that.
ChefJune March 5, 2012
A little more on chervil: It's an essential ingredient in the herb blend known as "Fines Herbes." And it's hard to find and even harder to grow! (although I try every year). Parsley can be used as a sub, but it really doesn't taste much like chervil. In fact, both are in Fines Herbes.
sstiavetti March 5, 2012
Chervil is a very "green" herb, which tastes somewhat like parsley mixed with a little tarragon. It's got frond-y leaves, and can be often be found in farmers markets (in season) and in specialty grocery stores that have a well-stocked herb section. If you can't find it, substitute parsley.

Here's a link: http://www.herbcompanion.com/cooking/chervil-fine-herbe-for-kitchen.aspx
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