Help. I have a pint and a half of double cream to use. Says it can't be frozen? What can I do with it??!



jessm4 December 5, 2010
mmm just have it on everything
Verdigris November 16, 2010
Clotted Cream is NOT the same as double cream. The nearest US equivalent of double cream is Heavy Whipping Cream. When I am narrowboating in the UK is use double cream in any recipe that I would have used Heavy Whipping Cream back in the states. One of my favorites is Spaghetti Carbonara. The double cream makes a really luscious alfedo sauce.

If I had to freeze the double cream to preserve it, I would whip it first, and drop dollops into a baking sheet and then freeze. After a day or so, I would then put the dollops into a sealed container for later use atop desserts or in Irish Coffee!

Clotted Cream is a cooked product.
KitchenKim November 16, 2010
Is clotted cream the same thing as double cream?
mrslarkin November 16, 2010
Slather it on your biscuits. Or make scones and invite friends over! Here's one of my autumn favorites: You can substitute pureed pumpkin for the butternut squash puree, if you like.
nutcakes November 16, 2010
Hi, since this is a U.S. site, many people here don't know what double cream is (but I'm sure some do.) We can't get cream with that high a butterfat content in the U.S. so our recipes don't call for it.

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