How much Fresh Ginger to use in place of Ground packaged ginger?

I invented an awesome recipe for meatballs that uses ginger in it. And at the time I only had ground ginger not fresh. But now I got my hands on some fresh ginger and I was wonder how much do I use. I usually use about 1 1/2- 2 tsp's of ground ginger? Any help?

Cam Tucker
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Crafty D. March 10, 2012
You'll have to use a fair bit more with fresh ginger as the dried stuff is concentrated.
Cam T. March 10, 2012
Thanks! I read somewheres about 2 tablespoons fresh to every teaspoon of ground ginger.
drbabs March 10, 2012
Ground ginger and fresh ginger have really different properties, but I'd try an equal substitution and see what happens. Please share the recipe!
Cam T. March 10, 2012
Thanks! I know they are quite different but I wanted to try fresh and what would happen. So this time I'll use fresh and see what's better! And of course I will share the recipe after I decide which ginger to use! Thanks again!
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