Hi, how do i make authentic bbq ribs?



janeez26 November 17, 2010
i was thinking of a sweet sticky coating, love the ideas sent tho, thanks
SweetTea November 16, 2010
Oh my oh my. Depends on what you mean by authentic. Authentic to what region? There's the eastern southern USA, then there's Texas, then there's Chinese BBQ ribs, then there is... All this aside, some of the best ribs I've ever eaten we did on a small play-pal grill by seasoning some pork ribs with a seasoning salt and a simple dry rub that was light on the cayenne pepper and paprika. BBQ sauce was on the side as an option and not cooked onto the ribs. They were delicious.
nutcakes November 16, 2010
Authentic requires a smoker, do you have one?
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