Favorite recipes for Girl Scout cookies?

It is that time of year again and all the darling Girl Scouts are greeting me everywhere and I'm buying like mad (how could I do otherwise?). Other than throwing the cookies in the freezer and (if they are still there!) pulling them out in the summer, still frozen, and either eating directly or pairing with ice cream -- what else do you do with these cookies?



Sam1148 March 12, 2012
I've had them in cheese cake as mentioned and they were good.
You can get them year around:
At the Dollar store a "Clover Valley" Mint Thin cookies are cheap and good.
There's a high end product at Whole Foods and other supermarkets. I forget the brand---"Natures Own" something like that in a brown box. "Fudge Mint". Which has a better chocolate quality.
I prefer the cheepo dollar store one as being closer to the real thing with a bit more salter 'cookie' and less chocolate then the higher knock offs. Which is what you'd want making a cake or crust.
amysarah March 12, 2012
Or instead of eating them alongside ice cream, put them right in ice cream - I'd break some up and throw the pieces into a batch of homemade ice cream, towards the end of the churning. Vanilla, chocolate, mint, coffee - whatever flavor you like.
calendargirl March 12, 2012
My suggestions are for Thin Mints as those are the ones we buy and love. It is worth hiding a box of Thin Mints in the back of your freezer. They are grand in the summer with iced coffee or with homemade mint ice cream. Serving them cold is exactly right in July. I have used the Thin Mints as a crust for cheesecake -- sublime. Just pretend they are graham crackers and follow your preferred graham cracker crust recipe.
lloreen March 12, 2012
Some things, like summer tomatoes, peaches, and girl scout cookies, are best eaten "in season." Alice Waters would approve ;)
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