Microwave baked potato

How can I microwave a "baked" potato so it doesn't tast, feel like cardboard?

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bigpan March 12, 2012
I would use a real oven. I moved the nuker into the garage 12 years ago and don't miss it. While waiting for the potato to bake nicely in the oven (rubbed with olive oil and sea salt) enjoy a glass of chianti !

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healthierkitchen March 12, 2012
On the few occasions that I microwave a potato, I also bake it for about 20 minutes afterward at a relatively high heat so that the skin crispens up.
Sam1148 March 12, 2012
A lot of people use the microwave to start a potato. About 2-3 mins, then some oil and salt and finish in 375oven for 20-30 mins.
ChefOno March 12, 2012
Use a low(er) power setting.
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