With the weather turning on us so quickly, what winter dishes are you trying to " get in" before its pasta primavera time?

  • Posted by: mixter
  • March 14, 2012


Melusine March 15, 2012
Split pea soup w/the remnants of the country ham I served for Boxing Day Brunch. The ham isn't going to last forever....
creamtea March 15, 2012
I made some bean chili with Joseph's Cattle beans 2 nights ago. Probably will make a fat "American" lasagna tomorrow.
MTMitchell March 15, 2012
That makes me think.... I'm planning to do a good, old-fashioned "boiled dinner" on Saturday night (corned beef and cabbage of course) but its supposed to be very unseasonably warm (in the 70s in Chicago in March!). I bet I won't feel like eating or making such a cozy meal ... We might be having corned beef sandwiches and some nice coleslaw and potato salad instead...!
Sam1148 March 15, 2012
Nothing, I'm ready for fresh local veggies. Maybe in April when Lamb goes on sale, I'll make a tagine with the preserved lemons I made last month.
If we have another cold snap here; I might do a french onion soup. But I'm very tried of stews and pot roasts at the moment.
BoulderGalinTokyo March 15, 2012
Anything to use up dried beans on my shelf. All that simmering- great for winter, but too hot the rest of the year.
MTMitchell March 14, 2012
Short ribs. And bolognese. One last hurrah before I want everything grilled.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 14, 2012
One last hurrah for Beef Stew!
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