substitute for red snapper

What other fish would you recommend for a dish that is to be steamed with an african peanut sauce? I was going to use red snapper, but it is on the "Conservation" there a "chart" somewhere that compares fish by type?



ChefOno March 15, 2012
Here's a substitution chart:

And some info on Snapper, Red and otherwise.

Also links to other info, guides, etc.
toocourt March 14, 2012
Grouper would work well
pieceocake March 14, 2012
Tilapia is a mild white fish. As is haddock. I think those two would be great substitutes.
lorigoldsby March 14, 2012
I am lucky to have 2 very good fish mongers here...I'm really looking for a reference guide...I feel like I'm always looking at whats in the case AFTER I decide to make something, and for example, I have my heart set on mahi mahi, but its out of season, and if I could just look at a list see see which types of fish are comparable in terms of thickness, flakiness, fishiness? Is there such an animal?

Thanks for the heads up on the "red snapper"...Do you have a fish cookbook that you recommend?
pierino March 14, 2012
I must begin by saying that there is no such thing as red snapper. It has become a generic term for a multitude of rock fish...small guys that swim around in the kelp. I like the idea of substituting skate, if you can find it. But skinned and boned fish filets of many types will work. Go to your fish monger (not your supermarket), look at the filets and decide.
lorigoldsby March 14, 2012
Yes, the fish they used is not available here in the snapper was what they said would be closest in taste, and now its not available.
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