Fish ideas?

My brother-in-law just brought me 8 pounds of fish he just caught on a fishing trip in Louisiana. I believe it is Red fish and trout. What am I to do? Any recipe suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I should mention that the fish is already filleted.

Robin O'D


la D. July 30, 2012
I think this idea from Martha Stewart for hot-smoking trout fillets sounds fun
Patti I. July 30, 2012
Grill the red fish with lemon pepper and italian salad dressing and it will be great. Pan fry the trout with seasoned corn flour/meal fish fry. they should use some creole seasoning in it. then brown some butter, add some sliced almonds and serve up trout almondine! Deliciousl.
pierino July 29, 2012
Paul Prudhomme invented the idea of "blackening" red fish which almost led to the destruction of the fishery because it became so popular---and extended to the things which should never be blackened, like salmon.

This is best done in a cast iron skillet---preferably outdoors over screaming hot heat. Season with garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, salt.
Chef L. July 29, 2012
If those are speckled or white trout, grilling will probably not work, since both are extremely delicate. For those, I'd dust in flour and pan fry with some type of Lemmon-butter pan sauce. Most popular for red fish is blackening. Makes me homesick!
saragrad July 28, 2012
You can make fishcakes and freeze any extra patties that have yet to be fried for a future dinner. I like this recipe and although it calls for salmon, I think trout will work just fine:
JanetFL July 28, 2012
Since it's summer, I would grill both the redfish and trout fillets. Rub the fillets with some olive oil and season with salt and pepper or other seasonings you like. Grill, covered, over medium heat until the fish flakes with a fork. You can also put the fillets in foil packets for a quick clean-up.

I'm envious - Louisiana redfish is delicious!
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