How to cook this red snapper fillet?

I have a side of red snapper fillet in the fridge that needs to be cooked today. I'm way too tried to make the recipe I planed on, so please help.

I need a quick and simple (simple ingredients, flavour and method) recipe for this fish. If possible something with capers (for some reason I fancy capers tonight).

I'm just going to make some rice, steam so veg, I just don't know what to do with this fish.



trampledbygeese March 6, 2013
Because I had some dried bread that I didn't want to bother putting away, I ended up grinding some bread crumbs, mixing in some paprika, salt, pepper and garlic. Then using the mix to bread the fish. Pan fried on med. heat.

It turned out extremely yummy. I forgot how much I like red snapper.

Thanks guys for the tips. I have some great ideas for next time now.

Off to grab a cuppa tea, put my feet up and read my new cook book - perfect end to a hectic day.
LeBec F. March 6, 2013
grind some nuts (pecans or pine nuts) briegly in food processor. add equal part flour, plus S and P and Spanish smoked paprika if you have. Mix well, Dredge filet top (meat side) in this and sautee in mix of melted butter and evoo. serve with lime or lemon wedges.

i just did snapper last night, sauteeing it and pouring over it some salsa verde i had bought at a local Mex restnt. if you had a jar of salsa verde (or red salsa, for that matter) you could do that too.

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Sam1148 March 6, 2013
Season with salt and pepper..dust with flour. Perferably "wondra flour' if you have it. Fry it in olive oil/butter. Remove to a warm oven. Make a pan sauce with a bit of white wine (or stock)..and add capers--finish the sauce with lemon juice, add a knob of soft butter off heat, wisk to incorporate to pour over the fish. Fresh herbs, parsley or green onions in the sauce at the last moment.
trampledbygeese March 6, 2013
oh, wow. I wish I had checked my mail before starting to cook. Now I want to run out and buy more fish! That's going on my list for next time I see fish on sale. What other types of fish will it work with?
pierino March 7, 2013
I agree with Sam on this. Keep it simple, but go with clarified butter all the way and forget about the olive oil. The capers should be the single "strong" note in this dish. Restraint on the herbs, although chopped parsley is fine.
TobiT March 6, 2013
I posted a similar question a few months ago (but for sole) and got some delicious answers (and recipes with links). Wish I could figure out how to send you the links from my phone - BUT if you search the Hotline for "sole" and "healthy" you will find my Q and all the As. Altho none of the recipe ideas people sent specifically called for capers, they could easily be incorporated.

PS are you pregnant? Both times I was pregnant (but before I knew it) I suddenly started craving capers like crazy!!
trampledbygeese March 6, 2013
Thanks for the ideas. Not pregnant, but I had to laugh at the question. You're the 11th person to ask me that today. I guess I'm the odd one out, I get food cravings even when I'm not pregnant.
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