Trying to edit a recipe, but it doesn't reflect the changes

I know I added an ingredient for a recipe I'm submitting to the contest, but it absolutely will not show up on the page. I've tried editing twice but it still refuses. What's happening?



matchaflan March 17, 2012
happened to me, too. I think the site might have some glitches. Try contacting the admin maybe? I reported the problem to them, hopefully it will get resolved soon.
LeBec F. March 16, 2012
i have done sooo many edits on all my recipes, sigh....I consistently experience the edit not showing for a looong time on the page for the recipe. So i go to the contest recipes page, scroll down, and click on my recipe there, and usually the edit has shown up there.
drbabs March 14, 2012
Give it a few minutes and the edits will show up.
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