A question about a recipe: Steamed Holiday Pudding: The Mason Jar Edition

I have a question about the recipe "Steamed Holiday Pudding: The Mason Jar Edition " from AntoniaJames. Point 6 mentions milk. how much? I don't believe it's in the list of ingredients. Thx

  • Posted by: Renate
  • November 27, 2014


AntoniaJames November 29, 2014
Sorry about the delay. I was actually off the grid most of yesterday (hiking a mountain and out of cell service range starting about 40 minutes before we got to the trailhead).
I've had a lot of trouble loading all of my most recent recipes - a large percentage of ingredients and instruction steps just don't not show up, requiring four or five edits.
The recipe calls for a cup of milk, but my puddings always turn out quite moist so you're probably just as well off with the 1/2 cup. (In fact, I'll be dialing it back next time. It depends a lot on how dry your pound cake crumbs are . . . .)
Do let us know how they turn out! Steamed puddings are usually quite forgiving, so I expect they'll be just fine.
Monita November 27, 2014
I'm sure it will be yummy! Happy Holidays
Renate November 27, 2014
Thanks, Monita. I don't think its worth interrupting a American turkey dinner. I'm going with 1/2 a cup and throwing in the juice of the zested oranges for good measure. Here in Canada we're on to phase two. The proof will be in the pudding come Christmas Day!
Monita November 27, 2014
You're right. It is missing. I'd try emailing Antonia James directly. Go to her profile on Food52.com
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