I made a giant pot of ratatouille. Can I freeze it?



Sonal August 6, 2015
Great! Thanks cv
Sonal August 6, 2015
I need to store some ratatouille too! How long does it last in the freezer Amanda? And in the fridge ChefJune?
702551 August 6, 2015
I've had year-old frozen ratatouille but I typically try not to keep things in the freezer more than two or three months. It really depends on how intolerant you are to freezer burn; everyone is different, so it'll end up being a judgment call by you. I put a 2-3 month limit on things in my freezer primarily to reduce clutter.

As for refrigerated ratatouille, I would plan to eat it within 7-10 days knowing that the flavors on the tenth day won't be as good as on the third day. Again, it's a judgment call on what you deem adequate in terms of quality.

In tougher times, people would drink sour milk.

In summary, I would refrigerate what I think I would eat in the next week or so, and freeze the rest. If I found a wayward container of ratatouille in my freezer in February, I'd have no problem eating it.
Kitchen B. September 8, 2010
ChefJune, I'll have to try the glass jar storage method. Sounds great
ChefJune September 8, 2010
I don't freeze it, but I've found that when stored in glass jars in a cold fridge, it keeps for a really long time. It actually tastes better with a little age on it.
Amanda H. September 7, 2010
Yes, you can freeze it. When you thaw and reheat it, it'll be softer and the vegetables will weep more liquid but you can cook it down a little to tighten it up.
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