Canning marinara sauce or bolognese from canned tomatoes

Always make make my sauce from canned San marzano or other CANNED tomatoes. All I'm searching for is a proper canning method AFTER making a giant pot of marinara!!
Searching this question on the useless internet , wasting time on THIS question all day today!!
Can any chef help?



HalfPint June 27, 2022
Disclaimer: I'm not a chef, but having researched and canned for years,

It is not only the canned tomatoes, but the other ingredients you add that will determine which method and the processing time and/or pressure. For example, garlic and onions: you will need to either ensure that the sauce is acidic enough for the water bath method. That means you will need to add either lemon juice or citric acid to bring down the pH of the sauce to about 4.5. That can mess with the flavor, but it insures that botulism cannot grow. Meat cannot be processed in a water bath. It would not be safe to consume.

Your best and only option (especially for a meat sauce) would be pressure canning which will bring the temperature to 240 degrees F as opposed to the 212F with the water bath method. That temperature will kill any botulism spore or other microorganisms and keep the sauce "fresh" for a year. Please note that 240F is the minimum temperature for low acid foods. With a high temp, flavor and texture can be affected significantly.

My advice is to read up on pressure canning (your local extension program will have guidelines and lots of info). Determine whether it is feasible for your sauce recipe and do a test run.

Another method of preservation might be freezing.

Best of luck!

Best of luck!
Nancy June 26, 2022
Not sure what the question is.

Method for canning marinara is hot water bath, whether the sauce starts with raw or canned tomatoes.

Not sure about procedure for bolognese sauce with meat. Maybe some else here has that information.
HalfPint June 27, 2022
Anything with meat or low acid ingredients needs to be pressure canned. I don't have settings (time and pressure), but I'm sure any extension program can provide guidelines.
Nancy June 27, 2022
HP - thanks for both your amplified answers, and safety cautions.
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