Question about a recipe Irish Soda Bread.

I hope to make this tomorrow, but didn't pick up any wheat germ today.
Should I just omit, or up the oats or the flour? Or make a trip to the store?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • March 15, 2012


LeBec F. March 16, 2012
sam, if you do buy wheat germ, keep it in the freezer because it goes rancid fast. Even a little makes a great wheat-toasty addition to baked goods.
susan G. March 16, 2012
Sam, maybe I dreamed it! I've just gone through all the other bread recipes with wheat germ and can't find it anywhere. Anyway, it's a minor element (probably more for nutrition than anything else) and any suitable bulk should be OK. (Is it already made? How did it come out?)
Sam1148 March 16, 2012
I'm putting it off until tomorrow. Last night was spent taking apart the dishwasher. I may just pick up wheat germ Saturday. Thanks!
susan G. March 16, 2012
Check the comments to the recipe... I think it has been discussed.
Sam1148 March 16, 2012
I couldn't find those in the linked section. I know that sometimes that Food52 will feature a recipe on another area, with a different comment section. Do you have that link..I can't find it.
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