Cream cheese in soup?! Yuck. What to sub?

I recently came across an Irish beer cheese soup that calls for Irish cheddar AND
cream cheese. What can be substituted for the cream cheese? (Because that just sounds gross to me.)



Jennifer W. October 27, 2019
Ok Ill be the weird one... I have occasionally used a little bit of cream cheese (maybe 1/4 of a block?) in my white chicken chili and its great! It does melt completely into the soup- it adds body and a nice creamy factor and is not at all like eating straight melted cheese like some nasty restaurant cheese soups. Just add a little bit at a time and see how you like it!
Miss_Karen October 20, 2019
I just can't wrap my brain around this recipe... Time to make something else...
Miss_Karen October 16, 2019
LOL. Very true Miss Stephanie...
I do use cream cheese for various things, I just can't imagine it in soup.
Stephanie B. October 16, 2019
I'm imagining it would melt into something smooth and creamy, almost like adding cream to a soup but with a little more tang? Lol it seems good in my head but then again I'm not the one eating it! I'm intrigued now, do you mind sharing the recipe?
Miss_Karen October 16, 2019
No, I don't mind sharing. I just sent it to you :)
Stephanie B. October 16, 2019
Thanks! Whatever you decide, let us know how it turns out if you remember!
Miss_Karen October 16, 2019
Ok. I will. :)
Stephanie B. October 16, 2019
I'd say don't knock it till you try it.
boulangere October 16, 2019
You could also sub Feta cheese or ricotta for the cream cheese.
Nancy October 16, 2019
Substitute nothing.
Choose another beer cheddar cheese soup recipe without the cream cheese.
Nancy October 16, 2019
PS Because the other recipe will have already worked out volumes, seasoning, balance of flavors.
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