carrots in my broccoli cheddar soup?

I'm making broccoli cheddar soup, and I realize that I don't have any carrots! Are they essential to a delicious broccoli cheddar soup?

Nicole Pielle


Susan W. August 13, 2016
Not at all. I often make broccoli soup without them. I do like the bit of color and sweetness they add, but they aren't necessary.
Nicole P. August 13, 2016
Okay, thank you! Is there another way to add a little sweetness? Or is it necessary to have sweetness?
Susan W. August 13, 2016
Slow cooked onions would add a sweetness. Here is Merrill's broccoli soup. It contains no carrots or onions, but the method of cooking the broccoli makes it richly flavored. It's my go to broccoli soup recipe. I often add carrots and onions, but it's not necessary.
Nicole P. August 13, 2016
Hi Susan! Thank you for your advice. I messed up my soul! I think I added too much cheese! Is there a fix for this?
Susan W. August 13, 2016
Oh that's too bad. The only thing I can think of is make more broccoli soup and combine them.
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