A question about a recipe: Provençal Tuna Melt

I have a question about the ingredient "1 6-ounce can tuna packed in olive oil*" on the recipe "Provençal Tuna Melt" from boulangere. Can I use water packed tuna instead?

Provençal Goat Cheese Tuna Melt
Recipe question for: Provençal Goat Cheese Tuna Melt


boulangere March 17, 2012
Certainly, if it's all you have, go right ahead. I love Miranda's suggestion. Drain the water well and toss the tuna with a good measure of olive oil. Don't drain off the olive oil, and proceed with the rest of the recipe. When you have a chance to pick up some tuna in olive oil, by all means do. It's so much more tender, where tuna in water tends to be very dry. I buy mine at Cost Plus World Market. It certainly isn't the top of the line brand, but it's what I can find locally. Yes, World Market is a national store, but the local store employs local people. I'd rather support that than Amazon for a decent tuna in olive oil. Bon appétit!
sam Y. July 9, 2012
thank you
Miranda R. March 17, 2012
I'm sure you can, but I would be sure to drain all the water, and maybe even toss the tuna with a little oil to make sure the final product is moist and yummy!
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